SAT test and preparing for SAT test


SAT means the Standardized Aptitude Test and is conducted for the students who want to study abroad after completing 12th grade. It is a test meant for undergraduate students to test their proficiency. Many students want to study abroad after completing 12th grade. They access three types of skills namely reading, mathematical and writing skills of the students. The undergraduate students can test their intelligence level before applying for a course abroad. Many universities accept the SAT course for the students to provide admission to the students. So, some of the Indian colleges accepting sat are Aim Premzi University, BML Munjal University, FLAME University, GD Goenka University, etc.

What is SAT test?

It is a test conducted for undergraduate students to test the reading, writing and mathematical skills of students. It is a paper-based test and the students can score maximum 1600 marks in the test. The mathematical section consists of 58 questions and they should complete the paper in 80 minutes. The three topics they should be familiarized are linear equations and application-based trigonometry.

They should also appear for the reading test and answer 52 questions. The test should be completed in 65 minutes. They should attempt three sections namely the complex structure verb, multiple meaning words and reading comprehension. They should also prove their linguistic skills and appear for writing and language test. For writing and language test, they should attempt 44 questions in 35 minutes. They should complete the essay in 50 minutes. So, they should prove their logical and linguistic intelligence to secure admission in the best universities abroad.

They should score higher marks in the GRE test because the renowned universities of the world access the SAT scores of the students. Most of the renowned universities permit students with higher SAT score. Some of the renowned Indian colleges accepting sat scores of the students are Ahmadabad University, Ashoka University, OP Jindal Global University, and SP Jain of Global Management etc. These renowned universities with world-class infrastructure permit the students who are highly proficient. They access the SAT scores of the students.

SAT coaching

So, the students should join coaching classes to score higher marks in SAT. So, they can join different types of classes conducted by the qualified mentors. They can join classroom training, live classes or private tutoring. For classroom training, they should join 60 hours of classroom training. They can prepare exhaustive study material developed by experts through 25 years of research. They can personally interact with the mentors and also develop interactive skills. They can also develop confidence to complete questions quickly and accurately.  The students can join the live classes also and attend 92-hour session. They can interact with the mentors and secure study materials developed through research. The students can enjoy some of the features such as live webcasts, doubt-clearing sessions, full-length tests and numerous sectional tests. The mentor also provides 25 tests for practicing at home. The students can join online classes and interact with the mentors online as many interactive tools are available. They can study at their own flexible hours and view the recorded videos provided by the mentors.

So, they should be prepared for the test to score higher marks in the test.

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